Review: Redness Reducing Drugstore Face Masks

I am a sucker for at-home face masks. While some people collect jeans, shoes or lipgloss, I am constantly on the hunt for face masks to try, whether it’s of drugstore variety or higher end. One of my “frequent flier” masks is from Shea Moisture. I tried this face mask a long time ago and bought the jar which I use once per week. Nevertheless, as someone who deals with cystic acne I need something to sooth redness and inflammation. I went to my local Target and brought home three at-home face masks to try. Here are my thoughts!

Primrose Oil Mud Mask by YesTo

Look + Smell

When I opened the pouch I was greeted (and surprised) by a blush-colored mud. I was expecting gray mud because that’s what I am used to when it comes to mud masks. I loved that it was a blush color. It made the experience more enjoyable. But then again, doing face masks is always enjoyable for me!

It smelled really nice. The rose water and oil in the mud didn’t hold back and I am glad because rose oil is an anti-inflammatory agent and reduces redness, plus moisturizes.

How It Made My Skin Feel

Per the instructions, I wore this mask for 10 minutes. It didn’t have a drying feel at all. It stayed moist for the duration it was on my face. It definitely felt soothing and I loved the rose smell. It was my little spa moment at home while I relaxed on the bed with a magazine. After I rinsed the mask off with warm water, my face had a dewy glow to it and it felt soothed (thanks to the rose and primrose oils and aloe). In fact, I loved the way my face felt for the remainder the evening and the following day. I can see myself using this mask again.

You can find this at Target and Amazon.

Instant Hydration Hydro Serum Facial Mask by Andalou Naturals

This was a sheet face mask unlike the other two of the “mud variety.” To be honest, sheet masks intimidate me because I get a little claustrophobic with the sheet mask sitting on my face for minutes. I understand the value of sheet masks so I am willing to go above my comfort zone to incorporate these into my skincare routine. With that said, I did enjoy the way my skin felt after I removed the mask but this is not my favorite. I’ll explain why.

Look + Smell

When I opened the pouch I wasn’t expecting a ton of liquid to spill out. The mask was a soaking mess. Are all sheet masks like this? It was folded nicely and smelled like a floral bouquet. There was a soft fiber side that I applied to my face and a protective sheet side to help apply the mask. Once the mask was on, I was instructed to remove the protective sheet. I did notice the protective sheet was rather thick so it was difficult to apply the mask on my face and make sure I was applying it to the skin around my nose and chin. It was a bit of a struggle not to mention it was soaking wet that I had serum liquid dripping down my neck and into my chest area (can you see how miserable I look?). This didn’t make me feel relaxed at all.

How It Made My Skin Feel

There was tingly feeling when the mask was sitting on my face. Perhaps this was a sign the serum was soaking into my skin. Per the instructions on the pouch, the mask was to sit on my face for 10-20 minutes. I could only handle 10 minutes. When I removed the mask, I patted the remainder of the serum into my skin. I enjoyed the way my face felt but the process of applying the mask and dealing with the over-abundance of liquid was not ideal and impacted my experience. I can’t say this mask had a soothing effect like the mud mask above but it did feel good after use.

You can find this at Target and Amazon.

Sensitive Skin Mud Mask by Shea Moisture

Look + Smell

The aroma of this mud mask was strong. Similarly to the Andalou sheet mask above it literally smelled like a floral bouquet. The camellia extract was definitely front and center! If you love camellias you’ll enjoy the aroma of this mask. The mud was light gray in color. For some reason I was expecting the mud to be a light pink but perhaps the packaging threw me off or I was still thinking about the delightful blush-colored mud of the YesTo mud mask above.

How It Made My Skin Feel

I don’t know what caused this but when I applied the mask to my face my eyes started to water. It may have been how aromatic the mask was that it literally triggered my tear ducts. It tingled on my face for a couple of minutes during application. I read some of the reviews online after and some were sharing that this is not for sensitive skin and I have to agree. The tingling feeling was not comfortable at all. When the tingling died down I was able to relax and enjoy the ritual of at-home face masks. Unlike the other two masks this one dried rather than staying moist the entire time. After 10 minutes I rinsed it off with warm water and my skin had a nice dewy glow for the remainder of the evening and the following day. All in all, this is a great mask but if you have sensitive skin I don’t recommend it.

You can find this at Target and Amazon.

Of the three drugstore face masks featured above, the one I will continue to use is the YesTo Primrose Oil Mud Mask because it felt amazing on my sensitive acne-prone skin.

Do you apply face masks often? If so, which are your faves?




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