Using Snail Cream to Control Cystic Acne + Reduce Scars

I know it sounds gross but it’s done wonders for my skin. This past year I looked into the potential benefits of snail cream in treating acne scars, reducing inflammation and boosting overall appearance. The use of snail secretion is common in Korean beauty products. I kept an open mind and placed an order through Peace & Lily for their best-selling snail scream. If I was going all-in with snail cream I wanted to ensure it was one of the best on the market with ample reviews.

I started using snail cream every evening in mid-October as my moisturizer (although you could use this in the morning too). After a month I noticed my cystic acne scars were starting to level-out. They didn’t appear as deep and as dark. Moreover, the occurrence of my cystic acne flareups went down. Given how much dairy I consumed in November and December (holiday food galore), I should have had at least 2-3 flare-ups and I had ZERO. I’m counting my lucky stars!

My evening skincare routine involves:

  1. wash with gentle cleanser (I’ve been using this lately)
  2. apply toner
  3. apply soothing essence (this is my favorite)
  4. finish with snail cream

Aside from keeping my acne flare-ups and scars in-check, my skin started to appear more plump and glowy considering the changing season and the dryness it brings. I haven’t even hooked up my humidifier (yet) which I do every fall and winter to help my skin.

This is definitely a favorite of mine and I love that it’s reasonably priced compared to a $200 snail facial. Now that Korean beauty products are easier to find online and in-store it’s easy to keep my beauty inventory steady and try new products. For instance, Target unveiled their Korean beauty products section this fall and I noticed it carries a similar all-in-one snail cream as Peace & Lily’s version (the formulas are a bit different).

You can find the Mizon Black Snail All-in-One Cream here or its similar version here + here.

Have you tried snail cream? If so, what was your experience?





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