5 Juices to Reduce Acne-Induced Inflammation

I feel like January should be International Juicing Month or Wellness Month. I’ve already noticed an influx of people at the gym and so many posting on Instagram about their renewed affinity for salad and cleanses. Because so many of us are thinking about being healthier after the indulgent holiday season, I want to share with you some of my favorite juices that combat inflammation. Inflammation is very common when battling adult acne so if there are foods to help our skin during its most difficult times, then I am IN! How about you?

Carrot Orange Juice

For me, carrot juice alone is a bit intense so I like that oranges are added to cut through and add more flavor.

Beet Apple Juice

Beets are an acquired taste. Amirite? I find that beets are difficult to incorporate into my regular diet. It’s likely I don’t have the time to peel and steam them or I run out of ideas of how to use beets in various recipes. Regardless, this juice recipe is super easy which is why it’s a fave of mine. I also love the Beet Strawberry Juice from Trader Joe’s.

Tomato Juice

I immediately think of a chilled bloody mary drink when I see “tomato juice.” Who’s with me? I actually really love tomato juice, tomato soup and bloody marys so it’s no wonder this ended up in my round-up.

Anti-Inflammatory Tumeric Juice

Don’t let the name scare you. This recipe contains a bunch of goodness so that you’re not drinking straight-up tumeric. What’s great about this recipe is that it includes carrot and ginger which both fight inflammation. When you drink this cooler, you’re getting a triple-whammy!

Green Juice with Kale

I can’t eat kale alone. I don’t have an acquired taste for it but I can definitely tolerate it in juices. Probably because the other ingredients drown out the flavor a bit. Of all the kale juices out there, this is one of my favorites.

You’ll need a good juicer to make the above juices. This is the juicer I have at home. I know juicing at home can be time consuming with the washing, chopping, juicing, and cleaning but the good news is you can find fresh bottled juices almost anywhere now.

Do you have a favorite go-to juice?



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