Blemish-Free + Glowing Skin for My Baby Shower

Pregnancy can take a toll on skincare…the body, the face, everything. I’ve been lucky that pregnancy has been kind to my skin but I still work hard to maintain that “pregnancy glow,” especially for my baby shower. Other than drinking water regularly and avoid as much dairy as possible, I made sure to pay special attention to my skincare the week leading up to my baby shower to ensure I didn’t have any cystic acne breakouts and that my skin was glowing!

These are the acne-friendly products I used the evening before and morning of my baby shower, with the exception of the acne patches which I used two evenings before the event.

Evening Before

I washed my face with La Roche-Posay Hydrating Gentle Cleanser using a charcoal sponge. The charcoal sponge is great at clearing pores and brightening complexion.

I followed up cleansing with an African black soap mud mask for 10 minutes and then my all-time favorite witch hazel toner. After which I continued with my evening skincare routine consisting of a layer of Atoclassic Soothing Essence, this black snail cream (obsessed!) and a bit of jade rolling. I place my jade roller in the freezer so when I roll my face it’s soothing and helps reduce puffiness.

I had a whitehead on my lower right chin so I placed an acne patch overnight. I had been using the Nexcare Acne Patches for a few evenings because I noticed a breakout coming on earlier in the week.

Morning of Baby Shower

I enjoyed a nice long shower with an in-shower face mask. I use this in-shower face mask about 2-3 times per week and it makes my skin so dewy! Naturally, I followed with toner and Origins brightening serum. This serum has done wonders at brightening my complexion and getting rid of acne scars. Before applying makeup, I applied a generous amount of Aveeno Positively Radiant moisturizer, which has SPF 15. It’s not the fanciest moisturizer but I like how it smells and makes my skin feel.

I was so pleased with my skin on the day of my baby shower. I am sure you can relate that it can be so nerve-wracking trying to get your complexion under control with an event on the horizon.



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