Adult Acne

Ugh. Adult acne. You’re past your teenage years and you just begin or continue to battle acne. It’s as if you’re a 15 year-old trapped in a 30-year-old body. So, why do people (mostly women) get acne?

25% of adult men experience adult acne while 50% of adult women experience adult acne.

Most importantly, adult acne is not caused by not cleaning your face enough. Often people think they’re experiencing acne because their face is dirty. This is not the case.

Adult acne is caused by a variety of things:

  • stress
  • hormones
  • family history
  • beauty products
  • medications
  • undiagnosed medical issue

Speaking with your dermatologist and primary care physician can help you identify the cause(s) of your adult acne.

Types of Acne

Whitehead – It looks exactly how it sounds. When a pore gets clogged with dead skin cells and oil (sebum) it can result in a whitehead.

Blackhead – Similar to whitehead but it’s open and exposed to air, which causes the black appearance.

Papules – A step up from whitehead. This is when a pore gets clogged with not only oil and dead skin cells but bacteria as well. These can hurt and be accompanied by painful inflammation.

Pustules – Similar to pupules and these contain pus and painful inflammation. Avoid popping these because it can lead to scarring.

Cysts or Nodules – These are the most severe and are farther from the surface of your skin. Moreover, cysts can last last weeks and months.

Unfortunately, adult acne can cause depression similar to it’s impact on teens. Just another reason for starting The Beauty Blot, so you know you’re not alone in this.

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